Flying West

How many of us have a bottom drawer full of manuscripts from 40 years ago? By drawer-full I mean 30+ works of all shapes and sizes from suites to micro-pieces, songs to instrumentals. And in every style you can imagine. That was the state of affairs with Ann Carr-Boyd at the start of the Flying West project 2 years ago. Huge amounts of material that had been written for a specific group The Consort of Sydney, led by the outrageous Robert Goode, had lain dormant since the group disbanded after its decade of touring Australia and Europe.

Largely unpublished and unrecorded, the last 2 years has seen the massive undertaking of reversing that situation. All works have been recorded by Thoroughbass and all scores and recordings published by Wirripang. Two new works have been created to mark this achievement – Wisp of Cloud played by Robert Goode himself, and Flying West written for Thoroughbass and after which this project has been named.

DianaWeston500x450Ann is engaged on this large project in association with harpsichordist Diana Weston, to record and perform some 30 works she wrote for The Consort of Sydney in the 1970s and 80s, they were performed across Europe and Australia.

The pieces cover a panorama of styles and instrumentation, ranging from folk song arrangements for soprano voice and chamber music group to works for harpsichord and violin.

The whole concept is covered by the name Flying West, the title also of a new work composed for this project and dedicated to The Royal Flying Doctor service.