March 15 2021 : Portrait of John Martin launch

John Martin 2021

Comments re portrait of John Martin launch at 55 Merrigang Street, 15th March 2021:

From Alyson Broadfoot :
Had a sleep in today. And woke to photos.  All very festive. But the best is your likeness of John. Would love to have seen the texture of the real thing. I think you have beautifully and cleverly captured his active personality and energy. Well done!!! A portrait is such a brave medium. Into the Archibald??
X Alyson

From Amanda Pile :
Hi Ann, I just wanted to thank you and Peter for last night – it was indeed an occasion to celebrate !  I think the painting is wonderful  –  you have captured John’s unique humour, quirkiness, creativity and intelligence.  Again so much generosity on your behalf, so thank you.

From Adrian Wintle ( Wagga ) :
Oh wow! Don’t know how you do it! I mean, capturing John’s quirkish sense of humour. Makes this portrait so much more than a mere likeness – it’s a piece of living tissue. May I add, both you and John look very relaxed and happy. Great stuff!