February 28 2021 : “The Composer Is In The Room”

New Elena Kats-Chernin Commission Opens Steel City Strings 2021 Season.

We’re delighted to announce our anticipated return to stages across the region in 2021 with ‘The Composer is in the Room’ – originally scheduled for 2020.

The program will feature the World Premiere of ‘Cinque Forme d’Amore’ (‘Five Kinds of Love’) by Elena Kats-Chernin, voted the most popular Australian composer in 2019’s ABC Classic’s Favourite Composer countdown. This piece was commissioned by local philanthropist Sue Kirby in memory of her late husband, Judge Jack Goldring.

Also featuring ‘Nothing is Forever’ by Matthew Hindson, Ann Carr-Boyd’s lively ‘Fandango’, Moya Henderson’s spiritual Aboriginal themes in ‘The Dreaming: Utterly Sacred: In Honour of 40,000 Years’; Andrew Ford’s evocative, sparkling ‘Bright Shiners’, and ‘Blue Poles’ (from The Manhattan Epiphanies); and the sublime and deeply moving ‘Elegy in Memoriam Rupert Brooke’ by Frederick Septimus Kelly.

The above images were taken at the concert at Chevalier Performing Arts Centre, Burradoo, on Sunday February 28th 2021. Photos taken by Alyson Broadfoot at the concert “The Composer is in the Room”
Performance by the Steel City Strings
Conductor, Shilong Ye
Leader and Artistic Director, Kyle Little