Ann Carr-Boyd AM
Internationally acclaimed Australian composer

Ann is an internationally recognised composer whose music is truly Australian, but embraces her close connection with European music through her family of professional musicians from Bohemia. Her musical style is often classed as ‘chameleon’ and is the outcome of this inheritance.

The European influence is evident in her music which is recognised for its romantic harmonies, adherence to classical form and Australian inspiration.

Her works have been performed at many landmark events, including:

  • “The Bells of Sydney Harbour”, composed for the opening of the new Ron Sharp organ in the Sydney Opera House.
  • “Images of Australia”, composed for the ABC television documentary marking the bicentenary of European settlement in Australia.
  • The orchestral work “Look at the Stars”, performed by the Australian Youth Orchestra at the opening of the new Parliament House in Canberra.
  • “Beneath the Yellow Moon” in the ABC Classic FM radio series “Images of our Times”.

These landmark events, plus the constant presence of her music in radio broadcasts and concerts and the popularity of such works as Fandango for mandolins, have made her music well known and loved. For the last 20 years Ann’s piano, flute, cello and other instrumental music have been part of the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) syllabus.

There are a few major events being staged in the coming months. For more information and to book for these events please visit www.thoroughbass.com.au